South Bay Computing



Low Voltage Wiring


Need to wire your building for internet, wireless access points, security cameras or alarms?


We can come onsite to review your specific needs and submit a free price quote!


What sets us apart from other low voltage wiring specialists?


  • We see the full scope of the IT infrastructure and can give the most comprehensive suggestions and quotes
  • We not only install Ethernet data jacks with top quality Cat 6 wire but also wiring for wireless access points, security cameras, phones, and more
  • After wiring the building we procure, configure and install the wireless access points, cameras and either digital or analogue phone systems.


Here is just a sample of the wiring that we do:

  • In-Wall Ethernet data jacks
  • Wall mounted wireless access points with no visible wiring
  • IP or analogue based security surveillance camera wiring, installation and configuration
  • VoIP or analogue phone system wiring, installation and configuration
  • Security alarm wiring and hand off to alarm monitoring company
  • Smart TV wiring including dedicated Cat6, HDMI, or Coax
  • Centralized wiring closets for all wiring and connection administration


Whatever your low voltage needs are - We have you covered!